A one hour session dedicated to cheering you up with self love, encouragement, play, and positivity!


              Mary England

A merriment maker

Mary England is a professional merriment maker based in Baltimore, Maryland. She has suffered from mental illness for two decades and made it her life's work to help others through their struggles. She has a Bachelors of Arts degree in Psychology, has worked at a pyschiatric rehabilitation center for five years, and is a published author and teacher on the topics of self love and self help.

How will Happy Hour help you?


I will boost you up with encouragement and teach you how to find gratitude in your life. I will show you how to love yourself.


I will provide music, activities, entertainment, props, and gifts for you to get in touch with your childlike sense of wonder.


I will leave you with tools and tips for making your life sparkle, empowering you to live every day like the Happy Hour we will spend together.

What packages do you offer?

In-Person Basic

I will come to you for an hour of happiness, fun, and celebration. Everything listed below is included in your package.
If you're local, this is a great option!

Price: $100

Online Basic

I will snail mail you supplies and set up an hour-long Skype Date to walk you through the happiness activities.
Great for if you're not local but still want your own Happy Hour!

Price: $75 + shipping

In-Person Deluxe

You get everything listed in the basic package with the added fun of a location that includes a ball pit, bubble room, indoor swing, and balloon twisting!
This package lasts 90 minutes.

Price: $160

What are people saying about Mary?

"Sometimes you just gotta stop, twirl, dance and embrace your own awesomeness. And that's what you gave Kathleen the freedom and opportunity to do! Thank you for coming to our home so prepared with happiness tips and a binder full of specific resources, tools and reminders of ways that Kathleen is awesome--all in a setting of balloons, confetti, tiaras, ribbons, music and banners. We both LOVED your cool ideas of little things to do around town. Who knew our neighbor was so chock full of great, easy breezy places to go for fun? Not me! You have no idea what one Happy Hour with all the accouterments did for my sister AND for me! We are so doing this again! Count on it. Everyone and anyone who would like to cheer someone up -- or cheer themselves up -- should book Mary NOW. She's a true professional and a true badass bringer of joy, color and happiness."

Maureen + Kathleen O'Connor

"Mary England is the raw and real, inspiring and colorful voice of fun and truth. She is quirky in a way that makes you want to dig deep and be the most honest version of yourself with zero shame, and she is deeply steeped in knowledge that, when married with her playful aura, combines to form the most intriguing and trustworthy combo."

Madeline Rhodes + Jessica Serra Huizenga, Monarch Workshop

"Mary makes my soul tense up in excitement to the point that I think I might have a seizure."

Judy Cox

What do you get with Happy Hour?


* Dancing/twirling
* Sidewalk chalk
* Bubbles
* Happy videos
* Lip syncing/karaoke
* Photoshoot
* Props to wear
* Basic face paint design
* Ribbon twirling
* Tips on building self love, esteem, and confidence


* Blown up balloons
* Happy Journal with instructions
* A year's worth of unusual holidays to celebrate
* Pre-written positive affirmations
* Instant photo of you (Fuji Film)
* Temporary tattoos
* Confetti
* Banner with your name
* An "I Am Awesome" certificate
* Binder full of 30+ worksheets and resources
* Extra surprise gifts


Happy Hour FAQ

Q: How far will you travel?
A: Travel expenses are included if you are within 30 miles of the BWI Airport (see map below); if you are within 30-100 miles away there is an additional travel charge

Q: Can I come to you?
A: To make this service fun and comfortable, the Happy Hour is held at your home. The Deluxe package is held at a separate location with terrific features like a ball pit and bubble room! This is located in the Hamilton neighborhood of Baltimore.

Q: Is travel time included in the hour?
A: Nope! The hour starts once I get there and set up! I'm yours for 60 minutes.

Q: How do I pay?
A: You can pay online via PayPal, or in person with cash or check. I require a 25% deposit upon booking.

Q: When is this service available?
A: I'm available mornings, afternoons, and evenings on weekdays and weekends. We can easily find a time that works for both of us!

Q: Can I get the Online Package if I'm not in the US?
A: Yes! The flat fee for the Skype date and supplies is $75 and then an additional cost of shipping depending on where you're located.

Q: What is your cancellation policy?
A: If you need to cancel, please do so at least 24 hours before your scheduled appointment. We can then reschedule your appointment without you losing your deposit. If you don't cancel in time or don't show up for your appointment, you lose your deposit but we can still reschedule.

Q: Is this therapy?
A: I am not a licensed therapist and Happy Hour is not a therapy session. I am providing you with an hour of fun and tools to take with you for the future. I can not prescribe you medication or conduct a therapy session with you. Think of me more as a mentor, muse, and personal merriment maker at your service. If you need help with finding a therapist, I can definitely help you find one.

Q: Can I get this as a gift for a friend?
A: Absolutely! I'm even down for a surprise!

Q: Is there actually alcohol involved?
A: I don't provide alcohol, this is just a play on the term. However, if you choose to provide alcohol in conjunction with my services that's totally okay with me!

Q: How do I get started?
Send me an e-mail at mary@uncustomary.org with the subject "Happy Hour" letting me know who the Happy Hour is for, what package you're interested in, where you're located, and any questions you have. From there we'll work out a time that works for both of us and fill in the details!