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What is the Snail Mail Game Show?

The Snail Mail Game Show is an interactive project based in challenges and creativity.
Every round, participants receive a prompt with a creative challenge to complete and send back.
Any mediums are allowed, the only rule is the submission must be sent via snail mail.

Who can play?

Anyone with a mailbox

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How much
is it?


antonio rillera

Hi! I'm Mary, and your host for the Snail Mail Game Show!

I run Uncustomary, a business dedicated to self love and creativity. I want to remind you to celebrate who you are and embrace your inner weird. I live in Baltimore, Maryland. I have a sincere passion for balloons, handwritten letters, and all things sparkly.

Mary England

How Does It Work?


Sign up for the current round!

If you're in the US, you can sign up now and it will cost $5.75.

If you're international, you can sign up, but at your own risk. The deadlines still apply to you and it costs a little bit more due to postage ($9.75). If you aren't able to get me your submission by your Round's deadline, I won't be able to refund your entry fee.

Q: Why isn't this free?
A: Your entry fee does two things: 1) It makes you more likely to be serious about participating 2) It covers costs on my end like postage, shipping materials, toner, your extra gifts, and the time it takes for me to create the challenges, package the envelopes, and mail them.



Wait for your envelope!

You will receive an envelope with instructions, a prompt, small surprise, and a pre-addressed envelope to send back to me.



Respond to the challenge + send it back!

Your challenge will be different each round, and you can use any medium you like! As long as you can mail it back to me, it's fair game!

Your work will be showcased on my blog and linked to a URL of your choice for exposure to thousands of creative people!

You have the chance to win a prize! I select a winner from each round who gets an extra snail mail surprise... that could be you!

Examples: Round 3, 4567, 8, 910, 11, 12,  13141516171819, & 20


Past participants are saying:

"I love the Snail Mail Game Show! Every single one is always so creative!​"

"Thanks for doing this, it was so fun and the best part is seeing what everyone creates. We appreciate all the goodness you are putting into the world. Thank you."

"This was a fun exercise. Thank you for doing it and honestly, I hardly win anything so this was an added bonus!​" 

"Incredible submissions! I had fun creating mine! Thanks for taking time to do this!​" 

"Thanks Mary! This is so fun, thanks for doing the Snail Mail game show! I love all the submissions!​" 

"These are just amazing. I so wanna play!​"

"This one looks so cool! I signed up for the next one.​"


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The Snail mail game show is currently not running.