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Who Am I?

Mary England

Professional Merriment Maker

My name is Mary, and I believe my purpose on this planet is to bring happiness to other people. I've struggled with mental illness since I was eight-years-old, and lived in a dark place for a very long time, but made it through to the other side where I landed on a pile of glitter.

I quit my day job at a psychiatric rehabilitation center to focus on the things I love the most in this world, and over time I've created a space on the internet that I try to use to empower people like you to live your life loudly, the way you want, without letting others influence you one way or the other. I want to remind you what it's like to play out in the street with the wonder of a child. I want to take your hand, and tell you sincerely that you are beautiful.

I live in Baltimore, Maryland. I have a sincere passion for balloons, handwritten letters, and all things sparkly.

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