Uncustomary Membership

Choose what works best for you, for a consistent dose of color, positivity, and cheer!

The Uncustomary Universe is expanding at a rapid rate and you're gonna want to secure your spot! 

You can do that here by becoming an official member -- an Uncustomary Babe!

Basic Plan - $5

One-time fee. (+ shipping)

You'll get a welcome letter with an official membership card as well as access to:  

- The private Facebook group with 700+ devoted babes, willing to share their advice, help you with your struggles, and celebrate your successes with you

- Dozens of content upgrades from blog posts including downloadable lists, printable signs, and more

- Dozens of pre-made Instagram images for you to share on your own social media pages

- My mass snail mailing list, plus heads up on discounts

Awesome Plan - $20

Monthly fee. (+ shipping)

You'll get everything from the Basic Plan, plus:

- Exclusive webinars every other month

- A surprise gift mailed to you every month

- Happy Hour giveaway every month

- Access to every free e-course all at once (vs e-mail drip service)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If I'm already a member of the Uncustomary Babes group on Facebook, do I have to pay to stay?

A: Nope, you're not required to. If you're in before December 30th, you're in. But if you want a membership card/welcome letter, then you have to pay the fee.

Q: Are the e-courses on gratitude, mindfulness, and self-care still free?

A: Yes!

Q: Can I cancel the Awesome Plan at any time?

A: Yes. If you cancel before the 20th of the month, your subscription will be canceled. If you cancel after the 20th, you will be charged for the next month.

Q: How do I cancel the Awesome Plan?

A: You go into your PayPal account, go to Tools >> All Tools >> Recurring Payments, then select the Awesome Plan and hit cancel

Q: Can I buy just one month of the Awesome Plan?

A: Yes you can, but it's a couple bucks more.

Q: Can I buy either of the plans for someone else as a gift?

A: Yes! Just let me know who the gift is for at check out.

Q: What kind of gifts can I expect with the Awesome Plan?

A: They're completely a surprise and will change every month, but I can promise you they're always something I'd be happy to receive. They'll be colorful for sure, and silly. Functional, but fun. Party supplies, office supplies, craft supplies, stationery/ephemera, trinkets, toys, who knows?!

Q: Are these plans only available to people in the United States?

A: No, I will ship anywhere, but it will obviously be more expensive.

Q: Is shipping included in the $5 and $20 listing price?

A: No, you'll see the different options for shipping at checkout.

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